2024-04-29 17:55:38母亲节





  With a gentle blessing and endless words in my heart, a short message sends my heartfelt greetings. Mother wishes you health and happiness.




  Throughout your hard life, you have silver hair like snow, but you are still so beautiful in my mind! Mother, I wish you always young and happy!




  Mom, you are the most beautiful, pure and warm part in my memory. You are the sun in my heart. When I think of you, I will feel warm.




  Flowers blossom my concern, springs flow my thoughts; sunshine spreads your kindness, the breeze blows your kindness; Mother's Day I invite you a: Mother's auspicious!




  I miss you, and I know you miss me. Pay attention to your body, Mom and Dad!




  Mom! Mom! I love you! Work together and be tired together! Cook and eat together! One bed for two! Love you, love you, love you forever!




  If there is an angel in the world, I believe that person must be you. If there is a long time in the world, I believe it is your selfless mother's love. Happy Mother's Day, dear!




  Mom, you have worked hard to bring me up, and it's time to enjoy it. Soon, I'll come over and take you over. I'll wait on you!




  Before ignorance, let mother work, now grown up, mother's love, I cherish in my heart all my life.




  Collect every wish, every hope, and send you deep concern. In such a season, take my sincere wishes to you. May happiness always be with you.




  Mom, your love is like a lump of candy, wrapped in nagging and hidden in scolding. Let me look around until I understand it. Happy Mother's Day to you!




  You are a big tree. Spring depends on your fantasy, summer on your prosperity, autumn on your maturity, and winter on your meditation. Dear mother, thank you for giving me!




  Mother loves me the most. Thank you, my dearest mother! You must live a long and healthy life. It's so happy around you!




  Mother, you will always be the harbour of my soul, wish my dear mother health and happiness! The world is always so gentle, only you. Thank you, Mom!




  Thank you, my dear mother, you are like my guide sign, always guiding me the way.




  Mother's Day is coming, Mom, I wish you a happy holiday, your happiness is my greatest happiness! Your happiness is my greatest happiness! May you be happy forever!




  My mother spends more time like a bosom friend of mine. She feels so sweet and happy. I hope my mother is healthy and happy.




  Mother! You are a clam, I am a pearl, the robbers outside come, only you, is my floating boat in the deep sea of all malice!




  Everything that has passed will become a kind remembrance. Everything that has passed will be precious. I miss the time you took us through.




  Dear Mom, you have worked hard to bring me up. You have more white hair on your head. I want to tell you that Mom loves you. Happy Mother's Day!






  The loving mother love! This love who cannot forget!




  A voice of one of the most splendid in the world, that is mother's call.




  Collect each kind of desire, each hope, send to your deep care.




  Gone through so many years, I deeply know, love me the person is you, mom.




  Your pay, your hope, only for our growth. Thank you, mom.




  The greatness of motherhood is not rational, but lies in the sort of intuitive feelings.




  In such a season, give my sincere greetings to you, may happiness always by your side.




  In the mother's eyes, the child is always a child in the child's mouth and mind, mother is god.




  Your love is the noble love, only to give, not ask for, not back always, don't beg for kindness.




  All the world's other are false and empty, only the mother is really, eternal, not quenched.




  I was you, mom, a highly care bird around, today it take for you to a bouquet of fragrant flowers.




  There is a love, life never requiting - a mother's love, there was a man worthy of your love life - the mother.  




  Mom, your daughter grew up, also understand, you can rest assured! No my days you will be more care of yourself!




  Le fine hair on the forehead, can see pin-points silver, children, is my youth to pass on your body?




  Mom your daughter grew up I also understand you can rest assured there is no my days you will be more care of yourself!




  All the thoughts, endless gratitude and admiration more fusion, peace be to you during the holiday is permeated with bright.




  I'm from home to a bird flying out of eaves, each feather growth of your affectionate caress and earnestly the teachings.




  On mother's day today, wish mother good year after year, for a long and happy life don't worry, friend, wish mother good together.


  19、孩子他 妈,平时是咱父子俩叨您的福,今天就让咱父子俩鞍前马后奔忙一天吧,您就享享福吧。


  Children his mama, usually is za father and son where your blessing, let za both of useful and moving day today, I will you.




  Wife, festival happiness, the food I cooked for you, your love to eat bao you love to drink soup, waiting for you to go home. Love you!








  Mother's day, keep her mother's happiness, let her feel happy.




  Mother's Day is coming. With my filial piety, I wish my mother happy. With my sincerity, I wish my mother good will and happy Mother's Day.




  Today is mother's day. May you always be healthy and beautiful. Everything goes well with you. No flowers, no gifts, only my deep blessing!




  Mom, I used to be a caring bird around you. Today it brings you a bouquet of fragrant flowers.




  Mother's day, season of love and affection, happy mother!




  Mother's day, I wish my dear mother healthy, happy and safe!




  A mother's love is a poem that can never be finished. A mother who feels grateful for her mother is a flower that always brings fragrance.




  On Mother's day, may mother be safe and healthy. Happy mother every day!




  A mother's love is like a hill, a mother's love is like a mother, and a mother's love is boundless. I wish my mother health and happiness!




  Mother's day, only true blessing, wish mother health forever, happy accompany!




  Thank you, mom. When I stumble, you are always supporting me. Today is your holiday. Sincerely wish you a happy holiday!




  Today, mother's day, bless you, and I wish you good health and good health.




  You are the sea, I am a little fish, you let me swim in your arms. Wishing my mother a happy mother's day, a happy and healthy life.




  Mother's Day is coming. Wish mother happiness, happiness and health!




  Wish: dear mother, happy life, good health, happy mother's Day!




  Dear mother, thank you for wishing you a happy, happy and healthy holiday.




  Mother's day, the most beautiful blessing to mother, health often laugh.




  On Mother's day, I wish my mother happiness, happiness and health.




  Dear mother, hard you, I love you, I wish you good health and happy life!




  Mother's Day is coming. Thank you for letting me feel full of sunshine. I wish you happiness forever!






  In this special day I wish my mother happy holidays! Say you were laborious!




  Mom, now that I have done the mothers, your hard work, love you, I also understand deeper. I wish you a happy mother's day!




  Won't be as time goes by, will you love; Not over years of indifference, is my wish: let mother recreation holiday!




  Perhaps, in our life, there are a lot of people, a lot of things, experienced turned to will forget, but in our hearts.




  Mom, you always in my heart the most soft, the most warm place, I would like to use my life to love you, I wish you a happy mother's day!




  Mom, I thank you gave me life, is you taught me to be the truth, no matter how in the future, I love you forever!




  The wind and rain outside tormenting me, the house under the warm sun warm I, because of the room with you, I love you mom, forever!




  On this special day, I want to say to your mother: mother happy holidays! To my mother in the future days more healthy and happy!




  He knows that there are endless joy in mother's little corner of a heart, mom dear arms hugged, the sweeter far than liberty.




  Gently a blessing, not the words of the heart, one short message bring my sincere greetings to you, actually I have been very miss you.




  Let us give mother a little more love and care, even a fan in summer; Winter in a sweater, let mother moment feel children's care.




  Not only in the mother's day this genius to special to care for mother, 365 days, every day is mother's day. Hope mother can happy every day, every day happy!




  A mother's love is like the sea, accommodate infinite, a mother's love is like day, without a trace, endless blessing world all mother, and my mom, happy mother's day!




  Some love, buried the deeper, the more true; Some things, the longer, the more wonderful; But some love, only say, are the best. I wish mom, happy mother's day.




  A hedge between keeps friendship green, so every day, I always don't forget to send a to you: happy holidays. When I finished, I remembered that today is mother's day!




  Carnations, may seem a little thoughts, just like her mother; The ends of the earth, everywhere I go, but never go out of your warm eyes, mom, I wish you a happy holiday!




  Mom, you recently? I wish you a happy mother's day: water goo goo, cover the quilt, watching television, music, enfolding her tummy, watching SMS, thought that I was happy, always happy!




  Without you there is no me, no I dozens of years of sorrow, nor my spring, summer, autumn and winter laughter, thank you for giving me all the wonderful life and growth. Happy mother's day!




  There is a love of life, life you planned - a mother's love; There is a person, life worth my love - mother. Today is mother's day, wish my dear mother a lifetime happiness, well-being!




  Mother is a thick book, is not love, Syria is not over of affection, say a is grateful, take not to go is memory, read the serial is a mother's love. I wish my mother happy holidays!








  Mom your daughter grew up I also understand, you can rest assured! No my days you will be more care of yourself!




  Mom I thank you for give me life, is you taught me to be the truth, no matter how in the future, I love you forever!




  It is at our mother's knee that we got our noblest and truest and highest ideals, but there is seldom any money in them.




  Watching you often give me understanding, you often say that happiness is the gift of children. So today, I send you a smile, warm your heart.




  Mum: thank you for your great let's family to eat, wear decent, happy laugh, let me say to you on behalf of the family: happy mother's day!


  6、母爱无私,伴我一生;大爱无边,给我温暖;恩情无限,赐我力量;意浓无 界,与我同在!


  A mother's love selfless, with my life; Boundless love, give me warmth; Kindness is infinite, has given me strength; Meaning thick unbounded, with me!




  You as I pour all my energy, time, time ruthlessly destroyed a your body and mind, no thought to the son, can only say: here you were laborious!




  In this world, no one more than you love me; In this world, no one can replace your position in my heart. Mom, no matter where, I love you forever.




  Mama: in order to I you black hair turned white, painstakingly. Today is you of festival, mom, thank you! You were laborious! Will do my best to repay you my dearest mother!




  Not only in the mother's day this genius to "special" to care for mother, 365 days, every day is mother's day. Hope mother can happy every day, every day happy!




  Old mama, you wrinkles but is said the original had smile place, in my mind, you will always be the most beautiful. I wish you a happy holiday, health and happiness!




  As a daughter, you are the pride of the mother; As a mother you are pride of his daughter; As a wife you is the pride of her husband; As a friend you are my pride! Happy mother happy!




  In your opinion is always long not big child, we worry about everything, and here I want to say to my dear mother, I wish you a healthy body, youth and happy every day!




  Happy and have a talk with her about, proud of yao yao, to her success to her report a news, trivial things to her Lao Lao, mother's day, don't forget to hug her into a hug.




  She isn't a cloud, because she is not with the wind scattered; She is not a spray, because she would not go with the flow. She is a love, a mother's love, I wish all mothers happiness!




  I will be mother's day greeting to you, hope you received after forwarding, let the sincere wish forever, will be a mother's love in the world, wish our mother longevity and health forever together.




  Mom, you are to me obsess me year after year, month, looking forward to miss a day, always concerned about, seconds seconds thinking, in this special day, I want to be together life wishes to thank you!




  The name of the mother, the world's most cordial, calling her name everyday, was in love with her everyday, but never to love her, in this special day today, do you think of to love her?




  New mothers, the most is happiness. Lovely baby, feed. Ying ying smiling face, warm PanGu. Heart turn, fall in love. Happy mother's day to, countless. Wish a new mother, enjoy the happiness of motherhood.




  Dear mother: have you ever been in your strong arms hold up a piece of blue sky for me; Today, I will use my growing plump wings keep out wind and rain for you. Mom, I love you forever! I wish you healthy and happy!








  Thank you, mom, for giving me so bright life!




  Mom, believe me, daughter has its own reward.




  Wish mom works smoothly, healthy, happy and a lot of money.




  Mom, this world will never so gentle, only you. Thank you, mom!




  Mom, thank you for your years of hard feeding, make me grow up, make me up!




  I would like to be remembered and blessing, in this quiet holiday, quietly gave you.




  Mom, no matter where are you, where is our fastest and yearning place.




  The child's mother, today is mother's day, wish your festival happiness, beautiful every day!




  One of the most beautiful things in life are a mother's love, which is selfless love, morality with shame.




  In this special festival, I wish my mother happy holidays! Say you were laborious!




  Wish you in the days of that belongs only to you can happily enjoy easy, make up for your hard work this year.




  Mother! You are a lotus leaf, I am red-violet, in the heart of the rain came, in addition to you, who is my sky shade?




  Some say, there is no eternal love in the world. I said no! A mother's love is eternal, she is a star.




  How similar the mother of all over the world! Their heart is always the same. Every mother has a very pure zhi pure heart.




  You at the expense of the slender figure, for I gave birth to a lovely BB, a wife, you are very great oh.




  Blessing is a true heart, no words, no language, silently sing a heart melodies. May peace, happiness you all the best!




  The greatness of motherhood is not rational, but lies in the sort of intuitive feelings. Nothing is more great than a man's mother.




  Hope today, all of the mother would smile from the heart, for children, for all, as long as mom happy, we are happy!


  19、您的肚子一天比一天大,可是在我的心目中,您的容颜却一天比一天美丽。孩子他 妈,我爱您。


  Your tummy from day to day, but in my mind, your appearance but every day is beautiful. Children his mama, I love you.




  Your mother will always be my most close, love in the heart, the most kind and the most beautiful young goddess. Mother a happy holiday!








  Maternal love is a kind of strength that can let the depressed heart rekindle hope.




  Mother I thank you for giving me life, is you taught me the truth of life, no matter what the future, I will always love you!




  Mother is like a protective umbrella, and worries and worries can be blocked away.




  A mother's love is a sea, carrying a proud and proud child forward, forward and never back.




  Mother is like a protective wall, not afraid of wind and rain.




  Thank you for giving birth to me, my mother, is your love, gave me courage, let me brave in the plight of loneliness, want to say to you, mother I love you!




  A mother's love is a fire, burning the passion of ordinary life.




  A mother's love is like a hill, a mother's love is like a mother, and a mother's love is boundless. I wish my mother health and happiness!




  Wherever you are, mom, that's where we are most happy and yearning.




  Mother is like a warm heart harbor, suffering hardship and steadfast heart.




  Today is mother's day, no flowers, no gifts, only my deep blessing!




  I wish my dear mother a safe life and a healthy mother's day.




  Dear mother, I wish you a happy mother's day, health, happiness and good health.




  Pick a bunch of beautiful flowers and pick up a bunch of morning sunshine. To you, dear mother!




  A mother's love is a star that makes the wandering life find its way.




  After all these years, I realized that the person who loves me most is you, mom.


  17、母爱无私,伴我一生;大爱无边,给我温暖;恩情无限,赐我力量;意浓无 界,与我同在!


  Mother's love selfless, accompany my life; love boundless, give me warmth; Grace infinite, give me strength; meaning boundless, with me!




  Mom, thank you for years of hard nurturing, making me grow up and make me successful.




  A mother's love is a magic potion that can soothe the wounded soul.




  May your dear mother be healthy, happy and happy!